To Run or Not to Run - A Bit Delayed

I am not sure why I never hit the "publish" button on this post. I came into my website to write my next post, and I saw that this post was still in draft form. Even though not "relevant" any more, I am putting it out here before I write my next post.

My life has been crazy lately. It was easier to stick with my marathon training before school started, when I could wake up at 6am, get my run in, and get on with my daily life. Since school started the middle of August, I have had a lot of trouble getting my training in. In order for me to arrive at school on time, I need to leave my house no later than 6:30am. If I have an hour or more on my training plan, that means I have to be out running by 4:00am at the latest. It's dark at 4:00am. And I would have to go to bed at 8pm at the latest to get my 8 hours of sleep.  

This is all to "justify" why I have been having trouble sticking to my training plan. I have missed my long runs on the weekend the last two weeks, and have not been able to get all my shorter runs in during the week. I have been very conflicted about whether to even attempt the marathon at all.  I reached out to my coach, a fellow "teal sister" who is pretty athletic (she just completed a triathlon this weekend), and my tribe of running mothers on Facebook to help me make a decision.

Here is the post I made in my private running group yesterday:

"Confession time, please be gentle. I'm in the Incredible HRT plan training for the Chicago Marathon on October 8. This is my first marathon. I finished chemotherapy treatment for stage 3 ovarian cancer in May 2016 and have been in remission since.  
Prior to my diagnosis I had run 2 half marathons and was getting up the nerve to register for my first marathon. I was waiting for payday so I could register the week I was diagnosed. 
Several of the teachers I work with ran the Chicago Marathon last year and encouraged me to enter the lottery because we talked about my return to running. I entered the lottery and was awarded an entry. 😳
Training went well all summer because I wasn't working (I'm a high school teacher). I've had a lot of trouble getting my runs in since school started and I'm beginning to regret my decision to enter. I did my long run on Saturday, and I still hurt. I want to bail, but I have a friend flying up from Atlanta to run with me. I don't want to defer (the deadline is tomorrow) because it only saves my entry, I would have to pay again. 
I chatted with MK and she thinks I should let it go. I didn't tell her about my running buddy. I've asked another ovarian cancer survivor who does triathlons and she suggested I just go as far as I can and walk the rest. 
I'm very conflicted. If you've read this far, thank you. And I would love to hear your thoughts before I make a final decision."

I received so many encouraging responses to my post.