A Year in Remission

I had my 3 month check up at the beginning of May (nearly a month ago) and received great news. My CA-125 is at 7.9 and there is nothing in my physical exam to be concerned about.  So what does that mean? It means that I go another 3 months before my next check up. 

This is a very busy time of year for teachers. That is one of the reasons I didn't write about being in remission sooner. My students had their Advanced Placement exams, then are final exams and then graduations. Our seniors are graduating tomorrow and my daughter graduates from high school on Saturday. It is a time for lots of changes.

I will be teaching summer school for most of the month of June, and I have applied to attend some training during the month of July. Hopefully I will hear about some of the training soon.

I was supposed to begin training for the Chicago Marathon last week, but unfortunately I have been suffering from tendonitis of the achilles in my left foot. So I am back in Physical Therapy. She scolded me for not wearing my compression stockings on a more regular basis. But seriously, can you blame me? They are ugly! I can't seem to find some that don't make me look like a geriatric patient! She gave me some exercises to do, criticized me for the shoes I was wearing (I was wearing fake "chucks.") because they have no support, and told me to not to run for 2 - 3 weeks. So I have been getting my cardio work on the bike at the gym. Definitely not as satisfying. I go back on Friday morning. Hopefully she will release me for some running. I am planning to share my training plan the exercises that my coach has assigned me so she can suggest modifications if they are needed.