5 Weeks to Go!

I just finished up Week 14 of the training plan I am following for my half marathon on April 23rd. The long run for that week was supposed to be 160 minutes (2 hours and 40 minutes!). I was able to run 10 miles for a 16:37 pace. I have completed 203.74 miles since I began my training plan  on December 5, 2016.

The training plan included an optional Enhanced Anaerobic Threshold (EAT) run that required running shorter distances at an increasingly higher heart rate (up to 185 bpm!). The pace achieved at each heart rate would be used to create a plan for race day on April 23rd. Since this was my first post cancer half marathon, I don't have a speed goal, so i opted out of the EAT.  My only goal is to run as much of the course as I can, and complete the race in one piece! If you are interested in following the progress of my training plan, you can request to follow me on Strava. 

I am running the Naperville Women's Half Marathon on April 23rd. I was "encouraged" by some of my colleagues at school to enter the lottery for the Chicago Marathon because "not everyone who enters the lottery gets a race entry." Well, guess what? I am registered for the Chicago Marathon on October 8, 2017. Since this will be my very first marathon, my only goal is to finish the race. I am planning to use a 20 week HRT training plan for the marathon as well. I like the accountability of having the on-line Facebook group that comes with my plan and the accessibility of my wonderful coaches. I am working with the Train Like a Mother Club.  According to website, the training plan for my race will start on May 22.  That should give me some time to recover from the half-marathon before I start training again. Hopefully it will be enough!

I had a couple of discussions with my counselor at the Wellness House. I shared with her that I felt as though all my current social engagements were cancer related. I attend 3 different gynecological support groups, am being mentored and am mentoring through Imerman's Angels, have a group of friends I made through the mindfulness class I attended, and am going to a series of improv classes through Gilda's Club.

I realized that I had "lost touch" with all the wonderful friends who were responsible for helping me get through treatment. Whether it was arranging for a meal and travel to chemo calendar, volunteering to sit with me at chemo or at home, setting up a Relay for Life team in my honor or picking things up for me at the store, everyone of these wonderful ladies was key to my successful treatment! I decided to try and schedule a get together with all of my "pre-cancer" friends. With their input, I selected a date and a place, and we got together on March 11. Several of my friends weren't able to make it, but it was nice to see them connect "in real life" with each other. The picture was taken at our dinner together. I am going to work on catching up with everyone who couldn't make it.