Halfway Through My Training Plan

I just finished up week 11 of my Heart Rate Half Marathon Training Plan. That means I am halfway to my goal race, which is the Naperville Women's Half Marathon on April 23rd. Last week I ran longer and further than I have since my diagnosis in December 2015: 1 hour 55 minutes and 7.04 miles!

I am thankful for the length of the training plan. With a 20 week training plan, there is plenty of room for flexibility. This is a good thing, because last week I was pretty sick and only ran 1 day. This week I was presenting at a conference in Baltimore, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. I was able to run outside, along the Inner Harbor. Running outside is a bit more challenging than running on the treadmill. It's easier to control my pace on the treadmill.

An update on my weight loss: when I weighed in last Sunday, I was down 11.8 pounds since finishing chemotherapy in May. I didn't get to weigh in this week because I was out of town, Hopefully I was careful enough with eating while I was away, and I am able to get back on track this week that I can at least stay the same.

I had my 9 month checkup last week as well. My CA-125 is down to 7.7, and there was nothing in the physical exam that raised concern. My next checkup is scheduled for May 11, just 2 days shy of a year after my last chemotherapy treatment.

I was recently selected as an ambassador for Nuun. I took on another mentee from Imerman Angels and continue to attend different support groups. I am looking forward to beginning a 6 week Improv class through Gilda's Club this week.