Back to a Regular Routine!

I am so grateful that school started this past week! I am grateful for a number of reasons: Surviving the summer on reduced paycheck has been a challenge. I did not plan for not being paid my regular salary all summer. With school starting, I have been back to a regular schedule every day. A regular schedule makes it easier to stick to my exercise routine. It has also been easier to stick to the Weight Watchers eating plan. The return to a routine really helped this week. I went to my regular Weight Watchers meeting this morning and got terrific news....I am down 5.8 pounds! This is the first week I have lost weight since I finished chemotherapy in May.

Returning to regular exercise has helped in more ways than just weight loss.  I completed my 2nd week of the Cancer to 5K program. The Cancer to 5K program is a 12 week fitness program meant to prepare any cancer survivor to run a 5K. The 5K at the end of my season is the Hot Chocolate run on October 30th. I am hoping to feel well enough to upgrade my registration to the 15K. The beginner training plan starts with two days of walking/running intervals, 3 days of walking and two rest days. I have been able to integrate the longer more active intervals from the Couch 2 5K program on the days I am supposed to walk. I feel as though my strength and stamina is improving each day. I am definitely not where I was before my diagnosis yet, but this is the first week that I actually feel like I can get there!

My favorite yoga teacher has a class on Monday nights, and I am really looking forward to going this week for the first time since my diagnosis. One of my support groups meets monthly on Monday nights, so that's one week I won't be able to attend. But it's back on my calendar so I don't commit to anything else on Monday night!

My eyebrows and eyelashes have grown back, and my hair is growing as well! The picture attached to this post is a selfie I took in my computer lab on the first day of school.