My Last Cisplatin Treatment

Through out my journey the Cisplatin treatments have been the toughest on me. They have been responsible for 5 lost weekends and were almost responsible for giving up on completing all 6 cycles of chemotherapy. In addition to this weekend being Mothers Day, today (Saturday) is also my son's 21st birthday. I encouraged him to come spend the weekend at home, even though I wasn't sure how "good" I was going to feel. 

In anticipation of the effects of my treatments this week, drastically increased the amount of fluids I drank and started daily Mira-lax beginning on Monday. I also had the oncologist's office arrange for me to head back to the hospital this morning for IV infusion of fluids.  Things at the hospital were not great. Even though there appeared to be no one in the ER when I arrived, it took almost 30 minutes to get taken up to the room that had been reserved for me. I arrived in my room at 10:30, yet the nurses didn't start the infusion of my fluids until almost 12 noon. It didn't seem like they were that busy. First they were waiting for my fluids to arrive from the pharmacy, then they were waiting to reach the doctor to get the orders (which I was pretty certain had already been input into the hospital's system when they set up my appointment. Once they finally got the infusion started the nurse informed me that it would take 8 hours to complete the process. I told her that the past two times I had been admitted, it was a 2 hour process, not 8. Could she please check with the doctor? Then the nurse went MIA for a while. After 3 hours, she returned and told me the doctor had authorized increasing the rate of infusion, but I would still be there "a while." I told her I needed to leave by 4pm. Long story short, I rang the nurse call button at 4pm, and I was finally able to leave the hospital at 4:45. This was definitely not the best experience I have had at Edwards Hospital.

I did feel well enough to take my son out to dinner for his birthday, even though it wasn't to his first choice restaurant. I didn't eat much, which was expected because of the IP treatment. But it was great to share dinner with my son, his fiance, and terrific family friends.

Mother's Day was a different story. I slept for almost 12 hours Saturday night. Breakfast was toast and coffee, along with donuts that my son went out to get. I spent most of the day sitting in a chair in the living room, watching the Cooking Channel and the Food Network. I was sad when my son and his fiance left for Madison. I really enjoyed having them here this weekend, even though we didn't do much.

All in all, this wasn't the "lost weekend" that my previous Cisplation treatments were responsible for. Something I am grateful for. On to my last Taxol treatment this Friday!