It's been almost 10 days since my last post. One of the reasons is because I was trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind of the results of my chest x-ray and CT Scan. This past Thursday I had the follow up appointment with my oncologist. I was lucky enough to have a good friend accompany me to the appointment. This was in contrast to a woman who was clearly a new patient. She was completing the new patient paperwork for the doctor and was by herself. She was so upset that she was in tears. This served as a reminder to me about how lucky I am to have my terrific group of friends as my support system. There is no way I could have made it through the treatments without them!

The doctor reviewed my blood test, chest x-ray and CT Scan results. He said "every thing looks ok." I asked him point blank, "Does that mean I am in remission?" His response was, "Yes, remission."  He said the scan showed fluid cysts from the surgery, pockets where fluid built up because of scar tissue. He wants me to do another scan in about 3 months, and then follow up with him a week after the scan. He said I should have blood work every 3 months. I asked him how long I would be going for blood work every 3 months, and his response was "until I say you are done." Everything I have read indicates there is a high incidence of recurrence in ovarian cancer, so I understand the need for close follow up.

The doctor also said I could taper off the Neurontin; that I should drop down 100mg now, and take the reduced dose for a month before tapering down again. I also asked him if there was something I could take to help with the hot flashes I have been having. He said he would call in a low dose estrogen pill for me to take. Flash forward to today (Sunday), when I called the pharmacy to find out the co-pay. IT'S $100 for a month's supply. (WTF?!?!) I told the pharmacist to hang onto the prescription for now. I am going to call the doctor's office on Tuesday to see if he can prescribe something that is a bit more affordable.

After the doctor left the examination room, my friend and I let out a scream and hugged each other. I immediately felt bad for the new patient who was sitting in the waiting room by herself. 

After scheduling my follow up appointment  for August, arranging to have the order for my next set of tests sent home and confirming the date of the surgery to remove my ports (June 14), we left the office and headed to our celebratory lunch at Seasons 52 in Oakbrook.