The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I had my first post chemotherapy CT scan and chest X-ray this morning. There's so much waiting involved in this process. Not eating for four hours before my appointment. Getting to the office an hour before my scheduled time so I can drink that horrible tasting contrast fluid and waiting 45 minutes for it to "enter my system." The worst waiting though, is knowing that I have the CD with the scan on it in my purse but I won't see the doctor for almost a week. 

I have tried to be more active this week. I walked a bit more than a mile on Wednesday and a bit less than a mile yesterday. It looks like the weather is going to be cooperative today, so I am hoping I can get some steps in today after my nap. I will need my nap because tonight is the bowling fundraiser for my Relay for Life team and I suspect it is going to be a late night. Several of my students are running the Humboldt Mile tomorrow. The running club sponsor had a couple of extra registrations, so I am hoping to be awake in time so I can walk it. I guess that would make it my official first post cancer "race." 

I am going to try and keep myself busy over the next few days to keep my mind off things. I have plenty of grading to do and some paperwork for a mortgage modification we are requesting. But I had better get used to the waiting. The CT scan is something I think I will be doing every 3 months for a long while.