From Cancer Patient to Survivor

Tomorrow marks my last chemotherapy treatment and the end of my stint as a cancer patient. No more weekly treatments, No more lost weekends. The end to the seemingly endless abdominal pain I feel for days after treatment? The end to the neuropathy I have been feeling in my hands and my feet? The end to 7:30pm bed times? 

According to "Picking Up the Pieces:Moving Forward After Surviving Cancer" adjusting to life after cancer treatment is a long process that can take anywhere from a few months to several years. UGH! 

Several things keep me "up at night." Will it still be ok to ask for help after my treatments are finished, or will people think I am "milking" it? Were the treatments successful in getting rid of the cancer? Will I be this anxious every 3 months about test results?  How long will it be before the side effects begin to fade away? How long before my hair grows back? What if the cancer comes back? 

This isn't the end of my blog. I will keep writing to document my process as I return to running. I hope you will keep following me on my journey.