Cycle 5.2 - Are We There Yet?

The two nights before this treatment were not very restful for me. In anticipation of the side effects, I was up most of both nights. My treatment for cycle 5.2 was no different than previous day 2 treatments. Saline, magnesium, anti-nausea and a diuretic into my IV and saline and cisplatin into my IP port. I went to my reiki appointment after chemo. I knew I was going to be home by myself Friday evening, so I put out the call on Facebook for "company." My wonderful friends answered the call!

The nurses arranged for me to go to Edwards Hospital for fluids on Saturday morning. Things didn't go as smoothly as they did the last visit. The ER was more busy, so it took a while to get me checked in. Transport to my room on the oncology floor took longer, and the nurse that was assigned to me was dealing with an emergency when I arrived. The Patient Care Tech (PCT) took my vitals and encouraged me to order breakfast. In spite of the fluid in my abdomen, I was very hungry (that's a good thing, right?) so I ordered a larger breakfast than I probably should have. The amount of food in my stomach combined with the fluid in my abdomen caused me a lot of "discomfort." I am thankful for the pain killers my doctor has prescribed.

I spent most of the remainder of Saturday and Sunday laying on the couch instead of enjoying the beautiful weather we were treated to (temperatures were in high 70 degrees!). I am trying very hard to remain positive and focus on the fact that I am less than a month from finishing my treatment. I am thankful for my wonderful friends who have been so supportive by visiting, checking in with me, running errands, preparing meals, even arranging volunteers to do yard work for me! I am truly fortunate!