Two Blog Posts in One Week!

This is a short post, but I wanted to assure everyone who has been concerned about me this week that the last couple of days have been much better. Since Friday, each day has been a little bit better than the day before. I actually had a lot of energy today, and felt well enough that if my head wasn't cold (because of the hair loss), and my ports weren't uncomfortable, I would "forget" I had cancer! I got a lot accomplished at home this weekend. Laundry, 2 tax returns, and cleaned off my kitchen table!

I met with a woman this morning who is a breast cancer survivor with 3 young children. This is her website. She has a business where people can create custom wall hangings. The wall hanging I made this morning is the picture on this blog post. I am thinking about doing an event with her as a fundraiser for our Relay for Life Team. Because of our discussion this morning, and the number of members who reached out to me because of my diagnosis,  I have suggested that my synagogue start a cancer survivors support group.

Three days left until my next chemotherapy and the beginning of cycle 5!