Another Lost Weekend-Cycle 3.2

It's Wednesday, 5 days after my last chemo treatment. It seems that the side effects of the Cisplatin treatments are cumulative, as this is the first day that I feel "decent." Given the effects of the Cisplatin treatment from Cycle 2, I pre-arranged with the doctor's office to come in on Monday for additional hydration and medication. I felt so bad when I woke up Monday, I worried that I wouldn't be able make it to the doctor by myself. I did, but after an hour of hydration, decided it was best for me to go home. I definitely didn't feel well enough to go into work. There was nothing different about my treatment last Friday. It started with 1 liter of saline and magnesium into my IV port. The infusion takes 2 hours. After that, the IP infusion starts: 1 liter of saline and 1/2 liter of the cisplatin mixture. Then an hour of turning side to side.

The weather was so nice on Tuesday and Wednesday that I forced myself to go out for a walk around the neighborhood near school. I did .6 miles on Tuesday and .8 miles on Wednesday. I really miss running. It's what I did to "kill the crazy."

The neuropathy in my hands seems to be getting worse. Food tastes like crap. And I am just flat out exhausted most of the time. I feel as though I pretty much suck at everything except sleeping. 

I did go into work on Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow is Cycle 3.8, so no work for me. I just need to survive sitting in the chair for 5 hours. But before I leave school today I need to make sure that I have my sub plans completed and that I have everything that needs to be graded in my backpack so I can try and get some work done over the weekend. So leaving right at the end of day bell will not be an option for me. :(