Not So "Lost" This Weekend

Today is Tuesday and I am finally feeling well enough to blog again. I had my Cisplatin treatment this past Friday, on schedule. The nurses at my oncologist's office made arrangements for me to go to the hospital on Saturday for hydration, rather than wait until Monday. We decided this would be best, since after my last Cisplatin treatment Saturday was the worst day of side effects. It was all "pre-arranged" for me to go into Edwards Hospital Emergency Room between 8am and 9am on Saturday. When I arrived at the hospital, all the paperwork was in order and admission was easy. I was taken to my room (thank goodness I didn't need to stay in the ER). The nurse and the patient tech were expecting me. The nurses at my doctor's office left the connection to my port in, so there was very little they had to do to get me "hooked up." My doctor's orders said I should receive one liter of saline over 4 hours. The hospital staff was extremely attentive. I was able to order breakfast and get some rest. It was wonderful. 

The only side effects I felt on Sunday were severe fatigue and heartburn. I spent most of the day in bed, dozing on and off. 

Since my 2nd cycle I have been experiencing neuropathy in my hands. Thankfully it hasn't been constant. The nurses have told me that it's the Taxol that causes it. I have mentioned before that the doctor prescribed Neurontin to help alleviate it. I had some concern that the neuropathy would be permanent, so I asked my primary care physician for a referral to a neurologist. I had that appointment on Monday. The neurologist explained that chemotherapy patients often experience permanent neuropathy from the damage to "long" nerves. She was very surprised that I had no complaints about neuropathy in my feet. Apparently that is where it "normally" presents first. She did a Nerve Conduction Study, which involved placing electrodes in various parts of my hands and wrists and sending electrical stimulation to the nerves. The results of the testing were positive. She said that it appears as though there was no damage to the long nerves, which means that the neuropathy should resolve itself between 6 - 12 months after I complete treatment.

I was still feeling a lot of fatigue when I returned home from the doctor. I had a conference call with some people from the NSF project I am working on at work, but after that was done, I crawled into bed. I am pretty sure I was asleep by 8pm. But of course that meant that I was awake at 3am. Good thing I am on spring break this week!