Day 4.1

Yesterday marked the beginning of the second half of my chemotherapy. Instead of heading right to the doctor's office in the morning, I had to head into school. I haven't written much about my job here. My school is working with University of Chicago on a National Science Foundation project to revise Computer Science curricula to make them more accessible to students who learn differently. Yesterday the project team was recording video for a "promotional" video about the project, so I drove in to participate. 

I was able to make it to the doctor's office by 11:45. I had already  told them I was going to be later, so it wasn't a problem.

Today was also my day to see the doctor for a physical. My blood pressure was 121/84 and my pulse was 101. My pulse is always high when I go to chemo (Gee, I wonder why?). My blood work was good. The best news was that my tumor market continues to drop. Last week's CA-125 was down to 33.2. I created a Google Sheet for my blood work results. If you are interested, you can find it embedded here. I continue to stay relatively healthy (knocking virtual wood) and have been able to keep my platelet count up so I can avoid having a transfusion. Thank goodness for frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer and leafy greens!

My treatment was the same as all previous day 1 treatments. It started with my pre-meds (Pepcid, Benadryl and Decadron, a steroid) into my IV. After that was done, it was time for my IV Taxol. My treatment was done by 3:00. 

The pre-meds really hit me hard yesterday. I fell into a deep sleep during the infusion and was completely exhausted when I got home. I was asleep in bed by 8:30pm.  Of course that means I was up early this morning: 3:30😳. But that gave me a chance to write this blog post, and make myself a decent breakfast before heading to my day 2 treatment this morning.