Another "Rest" Week

There was no chemotherapy for me this week, just blood work. I have been posting the results of my blood work each week, but I decided to track the results in a Google sheet. I linked to the sheet here. If I did this the right way, it should update here every time I update the file. I have learned to really appreciate these weeks. I have virtually no side effects from the IP Taxol treatment on day 8. My next treatment will be a week from yesterday. It will be an IV Taxol treatment.

I was able to go grocery shopping by myself last week. I was able to walk twice during my plan period at school (.3 mile 1 day and 1 mile the second day). I felt so good after the corned beef and cabbage dinner last night that I walked the full loop around my neighborhood: 1.6 miles. I am hoping to restart the Couch to 5K program this weekend.

I committed to attending an Ovarian Cancer Support group at Gilda's Club in Chicago. It meets every other week on Tuesday evening. Since I will be staying in the city later, I can be available for students one day a week. Even if I get home late, since I don't teach until 11am on Wednesday, I can sleep in if I need to. I am hoping this support group is more positive than the other group I tried.

This morning (Saturday) I volunteered to help out the Humanitarian Service Project by delivering groceries to two needy seniors. I am a "regular" substitute driver for their Senior Program, which means when a regular driver can't do their monthly delivery, I am given the opportunity to fill in. Since I knew it would be a "good" weekend, I offered to do a couple of deliveries. 

After completing my deliveries, I went on a hunt for a new coffee maker. Ours died earlier this week. I started by looking at Savers and Goodwill. Neither had a decent looking one. Off to Kohl's. They only had one of the model I wanted, and it looked as though it had been used and returned. Sigh. Off to Costco. They had the model I wanted, plus I was able to have lunch on all the samples!

All in all, this has been a good week!