Getting Back to Exercise

Yesterday I met with the woman in charge of the exercise programs at the Wellness House in Hinsdale. We discussed the different exercise classed that are offered, my previous exercise history, and where I am in recovering from my surgery and how my chemotherapy sessions have been going. We decided that I am going to start attending yoga on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as an exercise class on Saturday mornings specifically designed for patients who are still in treatment. 

Maybe it was meeting with her yesterday, maybe it is the 42 degree weather outside, maybe it is because this is my "off" week for treatment, but I decided to venture out for a walk before lunch. I went with my daughter, who also took our dog with us. I made it about a mile before I needed to head home. 

It felt good to get out. I know I shouldn't push myself too hard, but I definitely need to be moving more! I hope I can continue this week, especially since I have two treatments this week.