Day 2.8 - I'm a Third of the Way Complete!

I spent Thursday night at Curriculum Night for the school I work at. The sessions weren't scheduled to finish until 8:30pm. Our Director of Admissions had approached me several weeks ago to see if I thought I would be well enough to attend. I told her I would do my best, but that I would need to have some place to stay Thursday night, because I would most definitely be too tired to make the trip back home. She made arrangements for me to stay with our Director of Outreach and Community Programs for the night.

After a very relaxing night's sleep (it's amazing what a large glass of red wine will do to bring sleep), I was able to sleep in a bit and make my way back to the suburbs for my chemotherapy appointment. Instead of arriving at my usual 9am, I walked into the doctor's office at 10:30. But I was still able to get my favorite chair! Michelle, the nurse I usually see, said she was a bit worried that I was late. She mentioned she was going to call me if I didn't show up "soon."

Michelle took my vitals. My blood pressure was 116/81 (great!), my pulse was 80 (a little high), my temperature was 98.3. Then she took my blood sample. Here are the results from Day 1.8:

  • WBC 2.3
  • GRA 1.7
  • HGB 12.0
  • PLT 291

And here are the results from today:

  • WBC  3.6
  • GRA 2.1
  • HGB 10.5
  • PLT 206

Although my hemoglobin and platelet counts are down, they are not low enough to warrant having to go in for an infusion. That's a good thing, because that would likely require a change to my chemo schedule.

After she reviewed my blood work results with me, she started my premeds, which had Benadryl, an increased amount of steroids and Pepcid. The pre-meds go into my IV port, and take about 30 minutes. They increased the steroids because of the issues I had with the previous chemo session.

The next step was to start the IP infusion, which contains 1 liter of saline and 500 ml of Taxol. This is the most uncomfortable part of the session for me, because it creates a tremendous amount of discomfort in my abdomen.  Total infusion time is about 3 hours. After the infusion is complete, I have to turn from side to side 15 minutes at a time to ensure the medication is getting to all the surfaces of my abdomen. That portion takes an hour.

I had a Reiki session scheduled for immediately after my chemo. My Reiki Master, Bharat, is amazing. He spent some time talking with me about how the week went, and how I was feeling before we began our guided meditation work. After the session was completed, we talked about using crystals to help dissipate the electromagnetic energy from all the computers I work with.

I headed home, feeling pretty good, and optimistic about how the weekend was going to go. I did have a tough time falling asleep, probably because of the increased steroids I was given. I woke up Saturday morning absolutely starving. I had a full bowl of cream of wheat for breakfast. I felt good enough Saturday to do two loads of laundry and a Target run. I was even able to take a 1.6 mile walk after all the groceries were put away. I am looking forward to the upcoming week.