Day 2.1

The first day of my second chemotherapy cycle. How can time be moving so slowly and so quickly at the same time?

I arrived at the doctor's office at 9:05. Someone was in my favorite chair! The nurse reminded me that I was going to see the doctor before they start my infusion. The nurse took my blood for the latest CBC, and then I went down the hall to see the doctor. After a quick physical exam, he reviewed the results of the blood work from last week.

  • WBC 2.6
  • GRA 1.1
  • HGB 11.3
  • PLT 192
  • CA-125 (Tumor Marker) 51.8

Since this is the first time they looked at the CA-125, this number will be used as a baseline. It should decrease with each chemotherapy cycle. According to the lab report, it should be below 34. 

The doctor asked how I was feeling. I told him I was feeling good, all things considered. I told him I was still having trouble sleeping. I asked him to prescribe something stronger than the Ativan I have been taking.  When I was finished with the doctor, the nurse reviewed the results from my blood work from this week. 

  • WBC 4.5
  • GRA 2.9
  • HGB 11.6
  • PLT 306

She took my vitals (blood pressure, pulse and temperature). Everything was good, so the infusion began with plain saline into my intravenous port. Next up was the Benadryl, no more steroids to prevent an allergic reaction to the Taxol, since I "survived" 2 treatments with it without a problem. After the Benadryl was done, the Taxol was added. I also got the calendar with the dates for cycles 3 & 4. I have added the dates to the treatment calendar page.

My appetite has not been great. All week I have had to remind myself to eat at regular intervals. I have even "forgotten" was it feels like to be hungry. But after my treatment was completed, I headed to Panera with my ride (thanks Cheryl!). I was actually hungry. I ordered a You Pick 2 with a Turkey Cranberry Flatbread and Chicken Noodle Soup. I also got a Pumpkin Muffin. I finished EVERYTHING.

Next was a massage. I was expecting a hot stone massage, but the massage therapist told me they would not do the hot stone because I was in chemotherapy. I was disappointed, but enjoyed my massage just the same.