Getting Back to Exercise (Part 2)

Since this has been my off week for treatment, I felt well enough to give yoga a try. There is a class called " Beginning Mat Yoga" offered by the Wellness House. According to their program booklet, participants will learn gentle, restorative poses. Since I had been doing yoga before being diagnosed as part of my cross-training, I didn't expect too many surprises. I packed my yoga mat, changed my clothes and was excited to get to class. 

It wasn't long into the class that I learned more about how my diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy treatments had already impacted my body. The two ports that were implanted, especially the one for the intraperitoneal infusions, made certain poses extremely uncomfortable. Prior to diagnosis, I had been working on my balance through yoga and physical therapy. It was soon apparent that my sense of balance was worse than ever. I expected my stamina to be negatively impacted, but I was surprised by how much. My flexibility had also diminished by a significant amount.

It wasn't long before I began to cry. Not audibly, just gentle tears rolling down my cheeks. I finished the class, but I'm not sure when I will be able to rustle up the confidence to go back. Maybe I will stick with just walking for a while.