Completely off topic - Reflections on Election Day - Day 8

I spent the entire day today serving as an election judge at the local library.  Turnout in the precinct I was working was very high. The highest I have seen. The results in our polling place were interesting. What surprised me most was the number of people who were voting for the first time, and who could follow the directions. We had so many spoiled ballots that we had to call the election commission for more spoiled ballot envelopes. In the state of Illinois, people could register to vote today. Even though early voting was has been available for almost a month, people were still coming in tonight as late as 6:30pm looking to register. What the heck?

The other thing that I found interesting was the number of people who didn't realize that you couldn't vote for two presidents, or that Kid Rock was a valid write in vote (yes, we had a write in for Kid Rock). I also had a "run in" with one of the poll watchers. After almost a full day of registering people to vote, this woman came into the polling place and started yelling at me that I was intimidating the voters. Really? We were both registered with the same political party. She was so offensive, that one of the other party election judges told her she had to leave the polling place. I felt incredibly supported by all the people I was working with. I plan on calling her political party tomorrow to file a complaint.

It's been a very long day, and I have already had 2 large glasses of wine. I am praying for a game 7 World Series type "rain delay" with favorable results in the morning.