Paying it Forward - Day 7

I know I have mentioned Imerman Angels as a source of support for me during treatment and survivorship before. About 3 months ago, I registered with them as a potential mentor for someone suffering from ovarian cancer who was looking for one on one support. I completed the paperwork, had a brief phone interview, then nothing. Until today. I was contacted this morning to see if I was available to act as a mentor for someone. I am thrilled to be able to help someone who is just beginning their journey. I know how important emotional support is and since it has been provided to me in so many different ways, I wanted to help provide it to someone else. 

Fast forward to my gynecological oncology support group this evening. We meet once a month, and I missed last month's meeting, so when an unfamiliar face was there, I really didn't think twice. As each member of the group introduced themselves, I quickly realized that unfamiliar face belonged to my Imerman match! As the evening went on, I quickly realized that we not only had a cancer diagnosis in common. Imerman did a great job of matching the two of us! After the group was finished. We spent sometime chatting in the parking lot. I am sorry that cancer brought us together, but I am happy to be able to help her through her journey.