The Importance of Community in Recovery

Today I want to talk about a terrific on-line community of runners and how they helped me through treatment and get back to running. That "tribe" is Another Mother Runner.  I was first introduced to their podcast when I started running. Their podcast is the perfect length for a morning run or my commute to or from work. I have read all their books. I trained for my first half-marathon using a training plan from their website. The training plan supplied private Facebook, Strava, and TrainingPeaks groups as well as a daily schedule of runs and cross-training each day for 20 weeks. I felt very prepared for my very first half-marathon, and supported by many of the other participants I "met" as a part of the training group. So many of them sent me encouraging messages and care packages during my treatment. Even after the training group was finished, one of us set up a Facebook group called "Still Striding" so we could stay in touch with each other. I still post my runs, bike rides and cross training on Strava, and I love it when one of the "tribe" gives me kudos, or makes an encouraging comment!

Being part of the AMR tribe has been a key piece of my recovery. Whatever your diagnosis, and whatever your hobby, being part of a community will be an important contribution to your own recovery. If you don't have a community now, find one!