I Could Really Get Used to This Blogging Thing! - Day 4

When I signed up for the blog post a day through NaBloPoMo I have to admit I was a bit intimidated. Even though I was determined to use this blog as a means of increasing the awareness of Ovarian Cancer symptoms and providing support for other cancer survivors who were returning to running after completing their treatment, I haven't been that consistent about blogging since I completed my own treatment.

As part of my emotional healing (see yesterday's post) I have been doing a lot of journaling. I have decided to use this blog as my on-line journal. So topics may be a bit scattered. My plan this weekend is to come up with a series of topics that I want to write about, mostly about my return to running. There are daily blogging prompts that are published as a part of the challenge, so I can alway fall back on those if I can't come up with my own topic. Weekend days are "free write" days, so no prompts are provided. So far, the only prompt I used was the one about "bravery."