Bravery - NaBloPoMo Day 2

The prompt for today was "When was the last time you did something brave? What happened?" My plan was not to use the daily prompts when I decided to sign up for the challenge, but this prompt was too good to let pass by!

My entire cancer journey has been a test of my bravery. My diagnosis in December 2015,  my 6 cycles of chemotherapy, the run up to each 3 month checkup. My next 3 month checkup is November 14th, 10 days before Thanksgiving. 

I had dinner with my "cancer mentor" tonight. We were matched up by an organization called Imerman Angels.  Their mission is that no one face cancer alone. They match cancer patients with someone who has had a similar diagnosis but is further along in treatment or remission. We talked about the "drumbeat" of impending checkups. How it increases the closer the checkup date gets, and how it slowly dissipates after a clear checkup, until the next one.

After my diagnosis, I tried to face my impending treatment with bravery. Mostly because I wanted to make sure my kids (aged 17 and 22) weren't too worried about what was going to happen.  I knew chemotherapy was going to be tough, and that each cycle was going to be worse than the previous ones.

I like to think that the inner strength I found during treatment serves as an example for others. My kids, my friends, other cancer patients.