Wide Awake at 4:00am 😩

Today is the third (and last) treatment of my first chemotherapy cycle.  The protocol requires "pre-dosing" with steroids; one set at 9pm and the second set at 3am. Of course that required that I set my alarm for 3am. 😩

Since it's now after 4:00am and I can't fall back to sleep, I decided to use the time to write my next blog post. 

I went into school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. I had teaching obligations this week, I have been working on the National Science Foundation project my school is a part of with the School Psychologist and the Director of Student Services while the students have been participating in various career week activities. So it was a great week to transition back. Next week is the start of 2nd semester, and it's back to teaching. I spent the afternoon printing out materials to review this weekend so I can create some lesson plans for the upcoming  week. 

I am a bit anxious about maintaining my stamina next week. I have been doing my best to eat well, even though I haven't had much of an appetite since last week. I no longer get "hungry" and most food doesn't taste good anymore. To complicate matters, another side effect of the chemotherapy seems to be the reduced capacity of my stomach. One of my co-workers bought me a Jimmy John's sub for lunch yesterday. A sub I would have been able to finish with no problem. And I would have been hungry for dinner in the evening. Yesterday I finished the sub and the bag of chips. It did take me longer to finish, but I finished. I felt so uncomfortably "full" for the rest of the day, I went to bed without eating  dinner. 

Fell asleep for a couple of hours. Yippee! Now it's time to eat a small breakfast, even though I am not really hungry. Food this morning is important because I have to take a lot of pre-treatment meds and I shouldn't be taking them on an empty stomach. And after treatment my abdomen will be full of "fluid" and I won't have any desire to eat. Theoretically, this could be the only meal I have today. Guess I will try another smoothie recipe.