Alternative Medicine and the Treatment of Cancer

In addition to the traditional treatments for ovarian cancer, I am also pursuing "alternative" treatments. I want to use this post to document the different treatments I am trying and how they are effecting me.

Meditation - Before I was diagnosed, I had never used meditation. Now I am trying to meditate every morning before I get out of bed and every evening before I go to sleep. I have tried a couple of different iOS apps, but my favorite one is Calm

Massage- I have been using massage for relaxation and wellness since I began running 5 years ago. There was nothing better than a full body sports massage after a race! Now I plan on using massage to help relieve the side effects associated with the chemotherapy. On my to do list today is to head to my Hand and Stone location and get myself in the schedule for the day before my chemo treatment next week. I'm thinking a hot stone massage. Hmmmm

Reiki - The word "reiki" is a Japanese term that means guided force energy. In practice, I have had 3 reiki sessions so far. The majority of the focus has been guided meditation and relaxation. An upcoming session will be focused on focused breathing. I found the side effects of my last treatment were much easier to handle after I had a reiki session immediately after treatment. I'm planning to schedule a session after each and every treatment. 

Essential Oils - My research has revealed that Frankensense, Peppermint and Lavender essential oils are supposed to be helpful in the treatment of cancer. I decided to join YoungLiving as a wholesale distributor in order to get my oils at a discount. I am anxiously awaiting my order of oils to arrive. I will report back once I have had a chance to use them. 

Goji Juice - goji berries are supposed to be good for boosting the immune system. A compromised immune system is one of the worst side effects of chemotherapy. The issue with goji juice is that it tastes horrible. I find it easier to take it when I mix it in a smoothie. 

Acupuncture - I have had one acupuncture treatment since I began chemo. I'm not sure I felt any positive effects from it. I plan on giving one more treatment with the current practitioner a try before I decide it isn't for me. I may try another practitioner before giving up on acupuncture all together.