The Lost Weekend

I started this blog post on Saturday, the day after treatment. Woke Saturday morning in significant pain. Headache and muscular pain. But I did do my meditation before getting out of bed. I am using the iOS app called Calm . Calm: Meditation & simple guided mindfulness to sleep, relax, breathe by

It still felt like a lot of the fluid was remaining in my abdomen and upper back. I planned on spending the day resting, and trying to get someone here to put some of my clothes into the laundry. Took a warmish shower and that helped me  a lot. Many people came to visit me on Saturday. As the day progressed, my pain and discomfort progressed as well. By late Saturday afternoon it felt as though my insides were burning up and the only way to deal with it was to try and sleep through it.

Sunday was a bit better day. Most of the burning feeling had subsided, unfortunately the pain transferred into long muscle pain, like the worst flu ever. Another day of trying to sleep through the pain. 

The challenge with being in so much pain is that it makes it difficult to concentrate on anything for any length of time. I couldn't get any reading done, didn't have the patience to watch anything on television, didn't grade those 9 video presentations.

Today is Monday, and the muscle pain is a bit better, as long as I don't move. So I am trying to work from home today. Resting it's at a 5, when I try to move it escalates pretty quickly to an 8. I am waiting for a call back from the doctor's office to see what I can take so I can try and be productive.