Day 1.2

My alarm was set to go off at 5am this morning, but at 4:00am I woke up I. The middle of a hot flash. Not sure if it was cause by the chemo treatment yesterday or the instant onset of menopause because of my surgery. Either way, thankfully it was short lived. And the headache that sent me to bed last night was also gone when I woke up.  

Breakfast was a Chobani Maple flavored yogurt with some crunchy granola topping I added from my latest Graze box. I was also able to drink a cup of coffee with some Cinnamon Creme flavored creamer.  For lunch I am packed up some of the leftover soup and salad from last night's dinner. 

I prepared my port for the "stick" by putting the lidocaine creme on it and dressed in the jacket from my Hot Chocolate 15K. I figured it would be easier to access the abdominal port with a jacket rather than a t-shirt. 

I was the first patient to arrive at the treatment room. Even before the nurses! The best part of being first was I had my pick of the chairs in the treatment room. Today's protocol calls for 2 hours of saline hydration with magnesium into the intravenous port. Once the hydration is completed a "pre-med" treatment of Aloxi (anti nausea) and more steroids are added to the intravenous port. Once the pre-med treatment is completed, the actual chemotherapy, the Cisplatin, will be administered into the intraperitoneal port. I have to lie flat the entire time the Cisplatin is being infused. Once the infusion is completed, I have to turn from side to side every 15 minutes. A total of 1.5 liters of saline and medicine are introduced into my abdomen. 

The post hydration saline has something called Manitol added. It is a diuretic.  All the fluid that has been introduced into my abdomen and veins has to be absorbed into my bloodstream and eventually leave through my urine. 

Things I will do differently for my next intraperitoneal infusion: I definitely will eat lunch before they begin the infusion. As hungry as I was, there was no room to put food into my stomach once all the fluid was in. I will make sure to put the lidocaine cream on both ports.  

It was a very long day. I am looking forward to taking my sleeping pill and crawling into bed with my heating pad. The heating pad helps with the abdominal cramps. So far there's been no other side effects. Thanks to everyone who has been checking on me either by phone, text message or stopping by. 

But 2 down, 16 to go!