1st Day of Chemo

My day officially started at 3am when I had to take my second dose of the steroids the doctor prescribed to minimize the side effects of the Taxol. It was tough to get back to sleep, even with an additional Ativan. Packed the bag I was taking to chemo. It included a change of clothes (according to the nurse, it is possible that my bed wetting days are not over), my iPad mini, my Beats over the ear headphones, a charger for my iPad & iPhone, all the medicines the doctor prescribed for me so I can confirm dosage directions, several of my coloring books, colored pencils, markers and a portable pencil sharpener, my copy of Bernie Siegel's "Peace, Love, Healing" and my new fleece blanket that Alex bought me. Since I wasn't sure how low I would actually be here, and what I would feel like doing, I wanted to be prepared.

i jumped into the shower, and picked out the most comfy pair of pajama pants to wear to treatment. Since my appointment wasn't until 11:30, I figured we wouldn't have to leave home until 10:00am ( and we would still be early). Had a chocolate peanut banana smoothie and a large cup of coffee for breakfast. Later on I added some diced cantaloupe and on the way home I stopped and got my drink (double tall caramel macchiatto) and a chocolate croissant. 

We arrived at the doctor's office at about 11am and they set me up right away in a space in the treatment room. After signing the requisite paperwork (you know the side effects of the stuff we are about to pump into veins has some horribly nasty side effects, right? And that you can't sue us if you get sicker or if it doesn't work. Right?) 

The first infusion was more steroids, Benadryl, and Pepcid; all meant to curb the side effects of the Taxol. That infusion took about an hour. The second infusion was the Taxol. The nurse told me she was going to stay with me for the first 15-20 minutes to watch for any allergic reactions, which could be serious. Thankfully, there were no side effects except a headache, which finally seems to have gone away!

I received another prescription for Warfrin (an anti-coagulant) because of the ports. It's a good thing I'll be losing the hair on my legs, because now I'm afraid to use a razor on them! I also got a prescription for a lidocaine cream which I have to place on the skin over the ports before I go in for treatment. It will keep the needle stick from hurting as much as the first one did this morning.  

Left the doctors office right on schedule with a stop at Target to pick up my new prescriptions and some groceries. Dinner was delivered by a family friend and it was delicious! A glass of red wine, a finished blog post, and I think I am ready for bed! I need to leave for chemo tomorrow morning at 8am. One down, 17 treatments to go!