Diagnosis and Treatment Selection

After seeing the doctor in the hospital, I was released with instructions to limit my physical activity and call his office to schedule surgery to have my ovaries removed (My uterus was removed in November 2013 due to severe prolapse and heavy periods. My doctor at the time thought it best to leave my ovaries to keep me from going into early menopause).  I was not lead to believe that there was anything terribly serious happening because the first available surgery was Christmas Eve. I figured if the doctor saw anything he was really concerned about he wouldn't make me wait 2 weeks to have the surgery. But the waiting was sheer HELL. 

As it happens, the surgeon found signs of cancer during the surgery. He told my family that it would be about a week before they can specifically type and stage the cancer. I was to call the office and schedule a follow up appointment to discuss chemotherapy. The appointment was scheduled for New Year's Eve. More waiting......

On New Years Eve, the doctor reviewed my pathology report with me. The cancer was contained in both ovaries, two spots outside of the ovaries in the abdomen but NONE IN THE LYMPH NODES! There were three treatment options explained to me. The first was chemotherapy into an intravenous port, the second was chemotherapy into both an intravenous port and an intraperatoneal port (right into my abdomen). The third option was a clinical trial that used the 1st protocol with the addition of either another drug or a placebo. After much soul searching, I decided to decline participation in the clinical trial, as the dual port protocol would be more effective in the event I received the placebo in the clinical trial. The dual port protocol is more aggressive (a 21 day cycle versus a 28 day cycle) but I felt a more aggressive treatment would lead to better results.