The Sooner We Start Treatment, The Sooner Treatment Will Be Done

My post-op appointment with the doctor was scheduled for January 11, 2016. He checked my the healing of both surgeries and then I spent some time with one of his nurses to schedule my first chemotherapy appointment. There would be 6 cycles of 21 days. On day 1 I would receive Taxol into the intravenous port. The infusion would last about 4 hours. On day 2 I would receive Cisplatin into the intraperitoneal port. The infusion would last about 8 hours. On day 8 I would receive Taxol into the intraperitoneal port. The infusion would last about 5 hours. I explained to the nurse that I would like to schedule my treatments so they were on Thursdays and Fridays. Hopefully this would allow me to "recover" from treatment in time to go to work on Mondays. With that in mind, my first treatment (day 1.1 - cycle 1, day 1) was scheduled for Thursday, January 21. Day 1.2 is Friday, January 22 with day 1.8 on Friday, January 29 (even though it is really the 9th day). Blood work is scheduled for Friday, February 5th, Cycle 2 starts with 2.1 on Thursday, February 11, 2.2 on Friday, February 12 and 2.8 February 19.

The nurse told me there would be several prescriptions that I would need prior to starting chemo. The night before day 1 I have to take 10 tablets of a strong steroid (5 at 9pm and 5 at 3am). There are also multiple anti-nausea pills I will need, in addition to the Xanax for anxiety and the Ativan for sleeping.

If I am able to stay healthy, and there is no need to modify the schedule, I should be finished with treatments on May 13th.